5 Curated Interior Design Accounts for Major Home Decor Inspiration

Image via chairishco/Instagram

Social media—and Instagram in particular—isn’t just a way to show the world your outfit of the day, the avocado toast you ate for breakfast, and for pictures of stunning (yet repetitive) sunsets. For some people and companies, Instagram functions as a creative professional portfolio of sorts, allowing professionals to widen their customer base and find more clientele in an organic way.

In addition to Pinterest, Instagram is the premier social media platform for interior designers and those who are addicted to home decor. If you can scroll for hours at photos of a perfectly ruffled bedspread, incredible mosaic tiling in a bathroom, and a perfectly clean and organized laundry room, then you definitely fall into one or both of these categories.

If you’re looking for additional great interior accounts to follow on Instagram, then look now further than this list of top curated accounts of incredibly chic home decor:



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