5 Celebrities Who Can’t Get Enough of the Viral Cottagecore Trend

Cottagecore is one of the quirkiest trends to emerge in the era of social distancing, and it’s all about reconnecting with nature and enjoying the simple things in life. After becoming popular on Instagram and TikTok, the romanticized take on farm life was embraced by several A-list stars.

Olivia Culpo

The easiest way to embrace cottagecore aesthetic is throwing a picnic in your garden with a checkered blanket and a retro basket—and that’s exactly what Olivia Culpo did.


Millie Bobby Brown

Gardening is also an essential part of cottagecore aesthetic, and the Stranger Things star is one of many people who used the free time on their hands to build their own garden.


Kaia Gerber

Cottagecore fashion is all about flowy, prairie-inspired dresses. We no longer have to watch period dramas to enjoy them, and Kaia Gerber is only one of the stars who love wearing them.


Halsey is also a huge fan of this viral trend, and she shared several photos that show her enjoying the great outdoors in prairie-inspired dresses.


Bella and Gigi Hadid

The Hadid sister brought the cottagecore trend to the pages of Vogue with this photoshoot that shows them living their best farm life.