5 Benefits of Cold Showers

Photo by Chandler Cruttenden on Unsplash

Having a hot bath is a relaxing way to enjoy some well-earned me-time. Cold showers may not have the same indulgent effect, but they do come with their own surprising benefits. Here are five reasons to jump in a cold shower in the morning.

It’s Like Having a Cup of Coffee

Having a cold shower in the morning gives you an energy boost. The jolt from the cold water has a similar effect to caffeine in the way it suddenly wakes you up.

Your Hair Will Thank You

Even if you have a hot shower, it is beneficial to rinse your hair in cold water after. The cold water closes your hair cuticles which results in shinier hair (and less frizz!)

Your Skin Will Thank You Too

Cold water also closes your pores which leaves your skin appearing smoother and fresher. After you have washed your face, rinse with cold water immediately after.

It Releases Tension

Having a hot bath relieves stress while you are in the water, but stepping out of a cold shower has a similar effect. Creating “positive stress” of this nature helps expel negative tension.

It Stimulates Blood Flow

Cold showers stimulate blood flow. The result of improved circulation is better mental performance and a boosted metabolism. Who’d have thought a cold shower could be so good for you?