5 Beauty Products You Don’t Need

Year after year, it seems like there’s a beauty product being added to our routine, and who really has time for all these additions? A lot of the lotions and serums that we once thought were must-haves actually aren’t that essential. We’re here to share our secrets on which beauty products can actually be skipped.


These products are K-beauty essentials and their purpose is to hydrate and rebalance the skin, priming it for moisturizer. But if you already use serums and moisturizers, you really don’t need essence.

Two-in-One Shampoo and Conditioner

Sure when you’re in a pinch, two-in-one shampoo and conditioner will get the job done, but it’s best to use two different products.

Sheet Mask

While sheet masks are luxurious and they smell amazing, they don’t actually do that much more for your skin than a good serum doesn’t already do.


Foot Cream

Nothing is worse than dry, itchy feet, but when it comes down to it, foot cream doesn’t do anything that regular body cream doesn’t already do. So why invest in another product that’s going to take up room in your drawer?

Shaving Cream

Yes, shaving cream does a great job at what it’s meant to do, but you can also use hair conditioner, which you probably already have in your shower.