5 Artists on Instagram Every Bird Lover Should Follow

Many artists draw inspiration from nature and often use birds as the main subject in their creations. If you love birds as much as we do, make sure to follow these five artists on Instagram.

Vanessa Foley

Foley is creating intricate drawings and paintings of birds, and she’s constantly leaving us speechless with her incredible attention to detail.

Rachel Altschuler

Rachel Altschuler also managed to attract thousands of followers to her Instagram page with her colorful and fun bird portraits.


Lisa Lloyd Paper

Lloyd’s bird-inspired creations are truly stunning, but she also crafts paper art inspired many other magnificent creatures—including prawns.

Nayan & Vaishali

Lloyd isn’t the only artist who loves birds and uses paper as her creative outlet. So does the duo Nayan & Vaishali, who specialize in making miniature paper cut art.

Paulina Bartnik

Bird lovers use all sorts of different creative outlets to express their admiration for these magnificent creatures. Paulina Bartnik does it with thread and needle, and crafts incredibly realistic embroidery inspired by birds.