4 Ways to Use Your Instant Pot That Aren’t Food Related

Did you know that you can use your instant pot for more than just preparing food? Pot roast, rice, ramen, and cheesecake aren’t the only things you can whip up. Instant pots or multicookers are useful for so much more than just food and here are some hacks that you probably haven’t thought of before.

Lotion Bars

Everyone’s skin is dry in the winter, so why not use your instant pot to make homemade lotion bars? All you need is coconut oil, avocado oil, chamomile tea bags, jojoba oil, shea butter, and beeswax. Check out the full recipe on Your Beauty Blog.

Cough Syrup

This isn’t your traditional disgusting cough syrup; it’s a remedy made from fresh herbs like thyme and sage and lemon and ginger. The anti-inflammatory ingredients are a great all-natural way to treat your cold.



If you have kids chances are you have a ton of broken crayons around your house. Just place the crayons inside plastic cups and put them at the base of the pot with the steam setting. Now transfer the crayons to silicone molds or lip balm containers for easy on-the-go drawing supplies.

Dying Easter Eggs

Probably the easiest way to cook eggs is in a pressure cooker and you can dye the eggs at the same time they’re cooking. How cool is that?