4 Things You Can Do On Spring Break

Photo by Jay Wennington on Unsplash

If partying or getting crazy isn’t for you or if you are looking for cheaper options for spring break, look no further than these ideas. If flying to Mexico or Miami isn’t an option, you can plan adventures and trips around your college campus. You can check out the museums you have been wanting to go to, do a road trip with your friends or just hang out and do spa days and movie marathons. Make it a Spring Break to remember.

Road Trip

If you are going to the beach this spring break then make the actual drive to the beach fun. Start with making you and your friends a great playlist for you all to sing along to. Take the scenic route to the beach and plan stops on the way to check out different sites and restaurants.

Slumber Party

If you aren’t able to go away this spring break, plan an epic slumber party for you and your girls. Enjoy some mini spa treatments, eat lots of junk food, and watch some great girlie movies.


Museums are a really good way to spend your time. They aren’t expensive and you can really learn a lot in one afternoon. Feel more cultured by walking around an art museum or history museum and see what information you come away with.



Why not spend the week giving back. You can find an animal shelter or a soup kitchen near your campus that are looking for volunteers. It will make you feel good and you will help others along the way.