4 Things You Can Change In Your Rental

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Renting a house or apartment comes with many challenges, and one of the things we definitely hate the most is that our decorating options are pretty much limited. Still, there are some things you can change in your apartment without needing your landlord’s permission. Here’s a list of things you can change to upgrade your rental.


Beautiful curtains can really give your apartment a special vibe, so make sure to replace them in case you don’t like the ones you’ve got.

Tile Stickers

When you hate the look of your bathroom, changing the tiles is out of the question – but don’t lose hope! With the help of tile stickers, you can completely transform the bathroom and they’re also easily detachable, so you don’t have to worry about it later!

Light Fixtures

You can easily upgrade the lighting in your apartment without rewiring anything. Just replace the old fixture with a new, modern one, and this will completely change the look of your apartment.

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Wall Color

Painting the walls or using removable wallpaper is the best way to spruce up the entire apartment. You’ll have to paint the apartment at some point anyway, so why not now?