4 Benefits that Prove Matcha Tea is More Than a Healthy Drink

Photo by Lex Sirikiat on Unsplash

From matcha shots to lattes, desserts to teas, the antioxidant and health product is growing in popularity rapidly. Crediting its origin to Japan, matcha is closely related to green tea. But the two are not similar.

Matcha is the refined version of green tea—meaning the two come from the same plant but are ground to different levels. While the two rudiments are popular for their detox benefits, here are skincare benefits you probably didn’t know matcha could offer.

Skin Toning

When mixed with distilled water and taken while still fresh, matcha will refresh and soothe your skin to perfection. The super drink has a 30-day duration period when it’s most useful. After that, its powers are not as effective.

Combating Aging

Want to look healthier for longer? Sip a cup of matcha every day. Thanks to its detox abilities, the tea will help eliminate toxins from your body. Its skin toning effects and ability to reduce wrinkles will ensure you look younger for longer.

Reduces Inflammation

Matcha is known to help the body burn calories and reduce inflammations. It helps keep your liver in perfection condition and your heart pumping blood evenly. Combined with its antioxidant benefits, the golden brown looking drink helps heal any inflammations without resolving to modern medication.

Increases Muscle Strength

Adding zero calories to your body and helping burn calories, matcha should be on the routine of everyone who wants to stay fit. You can find the ingredients in almost every retail store nowadays. And preparing it is as simple as adding the powder to water and consuming the mixture.