4 Beauty Brands That Practice Inclusivity

We’ve seen the fashion industry prioritize inclusivity recently by featuring models with various body types, ethnicities, and abilities in their campaigns, and recently the beauty industry has followed suit. These beauty companies are showing that beauty is about more than having the perfect makeup and flawless skin, it’s about being a good person and giving back to your community. Here are the companies you should take notice of.

Live Tinted

Deepica Mutyala started the inclusive beauty brand Live Tinted after watching a video of a young Indian woman painting red lipstick under her eyes to cover her dark circles. She refers to her loyal followers as “brown girls” and was inspired to launch Huestick, an all-purpose cheek, eye, and lip color that masks under eye shadows.


Kohl Kreatives

Kohl Kreatives founder Trishna Daswaney used her experience growing up and using makeup as a way to boost her confidence to create her Flex Collection of tools that has five-self standing, flexible, multipurpose makeup brushes, made from sustainable materials, possible for everyone to use, including those with motor disabilities.


Charlotte Mensah

Charlotte Mensah launched a shampoo, conditioner, and hair oil that was about more than having products for women with afro or curly hair. She wanted to give black women opportunities in the beauty industry.


Namarata Nayyar-Kadmar, the founder of Plenaire, a skincare line for teenagers, which aims to provide them with a positive experience of beauty, believes that products should be about more than just trying to cover up acne and that mental health is connected to skincare. Within the packaging, the products are embedding with positive messages showing diverse faces, people with disabilities, and people in vulnerable positions.