3 Ways to Take Your Outfit From Day to Night 

Sparkly outfit
Photo by cottonbro studio from Pexels

Who said you can’t dazzle in sequins all day and night? Many designers have shown that adding a touch of sparkle to any outfit can elevate your outfit transforming it from work-day chic to night-life fun. Here’s how to transform your outfit from day to night.

Sequins, But Make It Edgy 

If you are wearing a sheer top with sequin detailing it could be a little daunting to style. However, if you pair this with a wide-legged elasticated waistband trouser you are able to level out the party side of your outfit with business chic, perfect to wear from office meetings to after-work drinks with friends. 

Party Wear All Day Long 

Wearing a statement piece such as a metallic gold skirt matched cleverly with a white button-down shirt is perfect for a day to night wear. Wear a white crew neck sweater to create an even more casual and comfortable vibe.

Shine in Accessories: Less is More 

High-shine fabrics are often kept in the closet for special occasions or late-night party plans. However, these metallic accessories are very versatile such as a belt, pendants, or purses. One tip is to wear the accessory as the statement piece and keep all of the other garments very simple and basic. This turns a casual look into a stylish one in a matter of seconds.