3 Ways to Reward Yourself That Won’t Blow Your Wallet

Saving money is important, but from time to time, it’s crucial to enjoy the little things in life and reward yourself. Whether you were recognized at work, met your fitness goals, or did really well on a test, treating yourself is a must. Keep reading to find out ways to splurge without actually spending that much money.

Free Sources

There are many ways to treat yourself that don’t require spending any money. These include taking advantage of loyalty programs or rewards and finding free entertainment like library cards or festivals. 


Indulge in Small Things

Some ways to splurge without it harming your bank account are to eat in before heading to your local bar for drinks, buying one expensive food or drink item per week, or purchasing a nicer product every so often. Once a month buy that expensive wine you love or treat yourself to a brand name beauty product instead of drug store ones.


Save For Big Splurges 

There are always larger purchases that we can’t seem to live without, whether it’s a new smartwatch, designer boots, or weekend getaway. So instead of feeling guilty about spending money on these things, save up for them. Put aside some money each time you get paid or gather up loose change in a jar and let the money accumulate for a couple of months. When you’ve reached the amount of money you need for that item you absolutely want, go ahead and buy it! You deserve it.