3 Ways to Make Cheap Furniture Last for Years

Furnishing a new place on a budget is not an easy task. At times, it may even seem impossible to find furniture that’s affordable, modern-looking, and good-quality. If you need to pick two out of three and you decide to go with pieces that fit your budget and that look nice, here’s how you can make them sturdier and more durable.

Replace the Legs

Budget pieces typically don’t come with very good legs, but the good news is that you can easily replace them and upgrade both the look and the functionality of your new furniture. 

Only Build Once

Don’t expect your cheap IKEA shelves to survive multiple rebuilds. Instead, you can add some glue when building them and understand that you’ll have to move the pieces as they are one day.

Paint It

It’s easy to make everything look great together if you’re creative, and sometimes a few coats of spray paint are everything your cheap furniture needs in order to shine. You can paint virtually everything, from big cupboards in your kitchen to decor items like picture frames, and even tiles in the bathroom.