3 Types of Mascaras and How to Use Them

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

If you love trying out new mascaras, chances are you have some good and bad experiences with the makeup product. Some mascaras wash off at the slightest contact to sweat or tears. Others clump up or smear down your face.

Thankfully, there are multiple types of mascaras and they have different pros and cons. Find out how each product works and whether it’s right for you.

Washable Mascara

Washable mascaras contain high levels of water. They are designed for temporary wear and easy removal. When on stage performing a song, giving a speech in front of others or taking Selfies, washable mascara will look good. Afterword, you can just remove the makeup using water.

Waterproof Mascara

Waterproofs are the opposite of washables. They are designed to last longer and are better alternatives if you love putting on your mascara for a few days or weeks. They can’t be removed by sweat or water easily. You remove the makeup using special makeup removing products.

The disadvantage of using waterproof mascaras is that they tend to clump up. They strain your eyelashes and may cause you to feel pain at times.


Smudge-Proof Mascaras

Smudge-proof mascaras are neither too watery nor too stiff. They provide a middle-ground for waterproofs and washable mascaras. When you apply the makeup, it does not smudge off when you sweat. At the same time, it does not strain your lashes as some waterproofs do.

Tips for using Mascara

Irrespective of what mascara type you choose, you can curl, volumize or lengthen your hair with the right product. You also the proper wand o produce the expected result. If you want to curl your lashes, pick a curled brush and mascara for curling.

For lengthening your lashes, pick a mascara with lots of fiber ingredients. Don’t forget buying a primer. A mascara primer provides a good foundation for your mascara to make it last longer.