3 Tricks for Beginner Roller Skaters

Roller skating
Photo by Susan Weber on Unsplash

Have you taken part in the past year’s retro fitness craze and gotten a pair of roller skates? If so, congratulations, you’re probably having lots of fun and feeling super free.

If you’ve gotten past the point of learning how to do basic things like stride, stop, and turn around, then you’re probably ready to learn a few beginner tricks that will impress your friends and look great on your Instagram. Here are three to try.

180 Jump

If you can jump on roller skates, chances are pretty good that you can also do a 180 jump, which is actually much easier than it looks. Just remember to bend your knees when you take off and when you land, and use your head and shoulders to help you turn around.


This is a trick you can totally master as long as you’re comfortable skating on one of your roller skates. Just lift your back leg up, keeping it straight and squeezing your glutes to get it high up in the air, ideally parallel to the ground.


The moonwalk is a bit of a trickier one, but you can definitely pull it off as long as you commit to working on it. Check out this tutorial for tips.