3 Tips to Get the Most Out of Curtains

Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash

Curtains are the final touch every room needs. You don’t necessarily have to have them, but they make the whole place look more put together. Here’s what we can teach you about making your curtains look their best.

Hang Them Wide and Tall

The curtain rod should be wider than the window and hung above it so that when you hang the curtains, they can create a nice frame for the windows. This will also make the windows look larger and the whole room look more beautiful.

Get Enough Fabric

Before you buy the curtains, measure the width of the windows, and get 2 or 2.5 times extra material. That way, the curtains will look richer when they’re closed.

Long or Short?

Most of the time, the curtains look best when they fall to the floor. This requires careful measuring so that they don’t end up being a few inches short, which can mess up the whole look. Alternatively, you can go with cafe-style curtains that only cover the windows.

Which Fabric?

The fabric choice can make all the difference in the way the room feels. Light curtains are great for casual effect but they won’t prevent the light from coming in or give you privacy. Drapes can look great in many different interiors, and linen curtains are simply perfect for the summer.