3 Times When It’s Totally Fine to Skip Your Workout

If you’re a passionate gym-goer who’s completely committed to their fitness routine, skipping a day at the gym may seem like the end of the world – but it’s anything but that. Working out in certain situations can actually jeopardize your progress and these three fall under that category.

Getting Sick

It’s ok to do some light exercises when you’re feeling under the weather, but demanding workouts won’t do you any favors. Avoid putting more stress on your body if you have a cold, and wait for it to pass so you can fully commit to your fitness routine.

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Sleep Deprivation

It can be difficult to fit workouts into your busy schedule and your sleep may suffer because of it, but it’s time to switch things up if this is happening on a regular basis. You’ll be more exposed to injuries if you’re working out while sleep-deprived, so feel free to get some rest every once in a while.


Soreness and Injuries

If you’re injured or extremely sore, you should give your body some time to heal instead of putting even more strain on it. Getting better should be your main priority, since you may end up hurting yourself even more if you work out in this state.