3 Things You Must Have in Your Planner

Achieving goals is so much easier when you’re organized and the best tool to help you with that is definitely a planner. If you’re new to the world of planners and are just thinking about getting one, here are three essential things it should contain.

Yearly, Monthly, and Weekly Plan

You’ll need all three if you want to be aware of what you need to do in advance. You won’t go into much details in the yearly section, but you’ll be able to see what your priorities are month-to-month.


Tables are an amazing organizational tool. You can use them for many different things and your planner will always look neat and be easy to follow.

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End of the week in my A5 Stalogy school planner! ♥️

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It’s important to know which tasks are priorities and to make sure they are done before everything else. This means you won’t just write down everything as a list, but have a way to distinguish priorities from the rest of the tasks.

Fixed Tasks

If you have tasks that repeat monthly, weekly, or daily, put them in your planner so you won’t have to think about them all the time.