3 Skin Routines as Fall Approaches

Photo by Eloise Ambursley on Unsplash

Sure, summer is gracious. You can relax, go outside and enjoy life without getting scared you’ll freeze. But it’s that time again. In less than one month, fall will be here. If you love to stay glamorous all seasons, here are beauty tips to try out.

Exfoliate and Moisturize

The skin gets dry in the cold and can’t absorb beauty products fast. To remedy this, buy a gentle exfoliator and apply it before using any other moisturizer. You’ll feel more hydrated and travel or head to work feeling better.

Apply Lipstick More Often

Don’t let your lips dry out this fall. Look for your favorite blush or lipstick and apply it more often. You can add a little mascara but keep the colors vibrant. Avoid tans as they fade and simplify your makeup in general.

Ditch Powder-based Products

Unless you have no problems with your skin getting dehydrated, avoid powder products. Everything-from eyeshadows to your concealers, avoid anything powder for now. Use creams and liquid. They’re better for hydration and take less time to apply. If you’re a traveler especially, you want to keep things simple.

Use Facial Oil

Less makeup is better for cool weathers. Your skin absorbs your beauty products faster and keeps your skin glowing. On the face, rich oils keep your facial skin looking glamorous. Some oil products also introduce minerals and vitamins, making you stay younger and healthier for longer.