3 Rules You Can Break on Your Wedding Day

Weddings come with so many rules that couples are supposed to follow, and if you do, chances are you’re going to be stressed out pretty soon. This should be the happiest day of your life, which means that any wedding rule that makes you uncomfortable, can (and should) be broken. Here are some rules you can easily skip on your wedding day.

Wearing a White Dress

You should feel comfortable and happy on your wedding day, and if you wouldn’t be comfortable wearing a white dress – you shouldn’t. Pale pink, floral dress or any other color is totally acceptable as long as you love it.

The Bride’s and Groom’s “Sides”

Another rule says that guests of the bride and the groom should sit separately during the ceremony, which often leads to confusion among guests. Since you’re all becoming a big happy family, there is no need for this division, and everyone should be free to sit wherever they like.

Not Seeing Your Spouse Until the Ceremony

There is a silly belief that it’s bad luck if the bride and groom see each other before the ceremony starts, and that their marriage is doomed if that happens. This is, of course, a wedding superstition that you can easily skip and have a private moment with your beloved one before the ceremony.