3 Quick and Dirty Tips for Taking the Best Selfies

Photo by Mateus Campos Felipe on Unsplash

Before the lockdown, taking selfies for Instagram wasn’t too difficult. All you needed was to find a nice location, strike a pose, and set the timer on your phone. People got creative with various locations and props, and most tried to make it look like their photos are absolutely spontaneous, like they’re not even aware of the camera. Things are a bit different now so here are our best tips for taking selfies in 2020.


Clean Your Mirror

We’re assuming most of your 2020 selfies are happening at home. The mirror can be your friend, but make sure it’s super clean! Even though it looks okay, do a few test photos just in case.

Set the Lights

The best way to take amazing selfies is to have windows and natural light in your room, but if that’s not possible, use a good lighting source and be wary of the shadows it creates.


Watch the Background

All your hard work can go to waste if you forget to close the bathroom door behind you! Make sure your room isn’t a mess and that nobody will do something weird while you’re taking a photo. Take selfies against your favorite wall or create a dynamic background with the items you want to be seen.