3 of the Best Gua Sha Tools for Sculpting Your Face

Photo by Cherrydeck on Unsplash

Ever wondered what those weird tools do that you see all the celebs and influencers use on their face? They are called Gua Shas, and they are used to contour the face and help to decrease fluid retention, keeping your skin smooth and glowing. The Gua Sha has been a staple in China for centuries and is now being used all over the world. Here are the three best ones for you to try.

Lanshin Australian Jasper

The Gua Sha tool by Lanshin is great for beginners who have never used one before. The shape is designed to make it easy for you to learn how to hold it and smooth it over your face. There are many video tutorials for you to check out on their website and social media.

Dehiya Beauty Warrior Stone

This stone has multiple edges for a unique skin-smoothing experience. It can take a little getting used to but it feels amazing on the face and can really help with morning puffiness.

Rena Chris

If you are really a newbie and not ready to invest, then this tool from Rena Chris is great. It is made from 100% jade stone and is only $10. You can control the pressure and do smaller strokes on different parts of your face that might need it more.