3 Instagram Pages Every Glass Art Lover Should Follow

It takes a lot of talent to make something amazing with stained glass, and several artists on Instagram are embracing this historic craft. They’re making everything from home décor to jewelry, and you’ll be wowed after checking out their work on Instagram.

Lockhart Glassworks

The Florida-based artist Nicole is the mastermind behind this page, and she’s doing a great job bringing stained glass designs into the modern era. Her creations are often inspired by nature and made with beautiful iridescent glass.


Crafty Glass London

Crafty Glass from London also crafted many creations inspired by flora and fauna, but that’s not the reason why we love their page so much. Many of their stained-glass works draw inspiration from popular culture and pay homage to the iconic fictional characters.


Colorado Glass Works

Colorado Glass Works was founded by the Denver-based artist Meggy in 2017. All of her pieces are inspired by “animals, colors, nature, and the beautiful Colorado mountains” and her signature honeycomb designs will make you fall in love with her work.