3 Insta Illustrators You Should Check Out

Back in the day, you had to get out of the house and pay money to gain access to cutting-edge art. Whether it was going to a book store and purchasing the latest comic book by your favorite illustrator or just visiting the museum—it was never something you could do from the comfort of your own sofa.

However, times have changed, and luckily you now have limitless, free-of-charge access to numerous artistic talents. All you need is WiFi and an Instagram account. Here are three cool and talented Insta illustrators you should totally check out.


Haley’s bio says: “drawing through my feelings”—and that’s a perfect description of her work. Her super sweet illustrations, filled with gentle-yet-lively pastel colors, provide a genuine depiction of her emotional world and personal musings. From positive affirmations to anxiety confessions – her drawings are like an illustrated best friend.


If Haley is your loving bff, Mo must be that super-sarcastic one you go to when you need a shot of bitter truth. She is the proud author of How to Die Alone, after all, so she’s got a reputation to live up to. Mo talks about the darker sides of life, from bad dates to existential crisis; and she does it in the most graceful way ever.


This Insta profile is dedicated to the characters of two sweet ferrets named Meems and Feefs. Follow the Siberian Lizard Comics depicting these two mischievous creatures on their various day-to-day adventures, meeting different friends and discussing pressing (and less pressing) topics.