3 Beautifully Blue Cities You Should Visit at Least Once

Photo by Matt Artz on Unsplash

There’s something instantly soothing about the color blue, and we all need some of it in our lives. The walls of several cities around the globe are covered with different shades of blue, and these three deserve a spot on your bucket list.

Chefchaouen, Morocco

Chefchaouen is known by the nickname “the blue pearl of Morocco” and you’ll be surrounded by blue walls on every corner if you ever decide to visit it. You’ll never get bored of exploring its cobblestone streets and discovering countless blue-colored windows.

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(PL/ENG) Chefchaouen warto oglądać z góry. Jeśli trafi Ci się nocleg z tarasem w dobrym miejscu, możesz rozkoszować się prywatnym widokiem. (Mi się trafił. Na blogu blondynkawmaroku.pl podaję namiary.) Jeśli nie, na głównym placu medyny jest kilka restauracji, z których widok jest rewelacyjny. Najbardziej znana jest @hamsachaouen, która jednak podczas mojego pobytu była zamknięta. Stojąc na wprost HAMSY, wystarczy pójść w lewo, minąć 2-3 restauracje i znaki zaprowadzą Cię do miejsca za winklem, reklamującego się tarasem. Ceny są tam wyższe niż w innych miejscach bez widoku, ale sok z mango podają pierwsza klasa. . It's worth watching Chefchaouen from above. Some airbnb locations in medina offers private awesome view. But if you won't book a place with terrace, don't worry! In the main square there are some restaurants offering awesome view. Best known is @hamsachaouen but was closed during my visit. You can just walk left, pass by 2-3 places and signs will lead you to another restaurant with terrace. Prices are a bit higher comparing to places without view but mango juice is really yummy there. . . . #chefchaouen #bluepearl #bluecity #moroccanphotos #moroccoplaces #moroccotrip #travelmorocco #travelmood #travelmoments #travelbloggerlife #travelpictures #travelingwomen_ #travelgirl #maroko #polkawafryce #polkawmaroku #polskablogerka #wpodróży #blogipodroznicze #capturestreet #capturemoments #viewoftheday #capture_today #awesome_globepix #awesomeplaces #mustsee #viewfromthetop #beautiful_world #gypsylife #gypsyspirit

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Jodhpur, India

Jodhpur is home to many palaces, forts, and temples, including the Mehrangarh Fort, but that’s not the only reason why it became a major tourist attraction. It’s known by the nickname “blue city” and its blue buildings stand in stark contrast to the imposing fortress.

Oia, Greece

Oia needs no special introduction since you’ve probably seen it on your Instagram feed more times than you can count. It’s the most popular city on the Greek island of Santorini, and its white, blue-domed churches and homes make it instantly recognizable.