10 Amazing Makeup Tips From Social Media Beauty Pros

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Nearly every woman knows the feeling of spending countless hours online browsing and learning new makeup skills. The inspiration can be found everywhere, but our favorite sources are YouTube and Instagram. Some artists stood up over the others over time and each of us has our own favorites.

We’ve gathered some of the best tips we found from makeup gurus to share with you today. Which one did you find the most useful?

Always keep tweezers close to you.

Jaclyn Hill has one rule – always keep tweezers on hand. You never know when you may need them to pluck that odd hair and always have perfect brows.

Sanitize your personal products

Even if you strictly follow the no-share rule for your makeup and cosmetics products, make sure you sanitize the items so the bacteria don’t give you infections, suggests Pepper Bass.

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Avoid matte lipstick if your lips are dry

Ellarie has a solution for girls with dry lips who want to wear matte lipsticks: moisturize first. put a small amount of a lip balm and experiment until you find your perfect formula.


Use a big fluffy brush for highlighter

For a more natural look, Jaclyn Hill suggests applying highlighter with a large brush. Another tip she recommends is to apply highlight before blush.


When removing makeup, start with oil

Bass reveals her trick for removing stubborn makeup. She likes to start with vitamin E oil first, then cleanses with makeup wipes. You can opt for coconut or olive oil instead and the result will be amazing.


Set makeup with translucent powder

Kayla Hagey shared something pretty useful: “I like to set my lipstick with a translucent powder. It makes everything look smoother and last longer.”


Watch out how you contour

Bass suggests that contouring is not same for everyone: “Women who are fair-to-medium shades don’t have to use cream to contour. Contouring with powder is a great alternative and doesn’t look as heavy.”

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Srcubs are a must

Nothing can ruin your makeup like dry skin underneath it. Prevent it from happening by regularly removing dead cells with a gentle scrub.


Adjust the makeup look to you

Ellarie warns that it’s better to take suggestions from makeup gurus than to copy them completely. “It’s OK to take tips from someone, but always remember your face is different and you may have to follow different steps,” she said.


The final tip is for saving your awesome look in a selfie form!

The experts generally agree that natural light is the best. Hill had some more precise instructions for you: “Holding the camera at an angle so it’s slightly looking down at you is such a flattering angle. Also, slightly raising your eyebrows always helps to show off your eye makeup a little more.”