You Don’t Have to Be an Art Expert to Make These DIY Paintings

You don’t need to be a pro artist to enjoy creating art every once in a while—especially since there are so many simple paintings you can create.

In case you’re out of inspiration, DIY YouTuber XO, MaCenna prepared a great tutorial just for you. She enjoys painting and creating custom pieces for home and room makeovers, and she decided to share a couple of simple DIY ideas with her subscribers.

In this fun tutorial, the YouTuber created both watercolor and acrylic artworks. The materials you’ll need include watercolor, paper, and a brush set, all will come in handy if you want to commit to making art for the long run.

MaCenna offers step-by-step instructions in this tutorial, but you would’ve been able to recreate her work without it. She mostly focuses on abstract art with simple shapes and lines, and uses neutral and earthy colors so her art could easily fit into any space.