Useful Tips to Follow When You’re Shopping For Makeup Lovers

Shopping for makeup lovers may seem easy at first because you can always buy them a new foundation or lipstick – or can you? Keep in mind that passionate makeup aficionados tend to be pretty specific about the products they use, so be sure to follow these three steps to make the right pick.

Personal Favorites

Chances are you have discussed favorite brands and products with your makeup-obsessed friend. You probably picked a couple of things up during your conversations, and learned a lot about their preferences, making it much easier to shop for them.

Social Media Hunt

Pay close attention to cosmetics products your friend liked online or tried to win during one of the giveaways. You can even mention them in passing to check if they’re really interested before making a purchase.

Asking First

Your friend probably won’t give you a clear answer when you ask them what they want for their birthday, but there’s no harm in asking. Someone else may be planning to gift them the same thing as you, and being open is a good way to avoid confusion. Gift cards are also an option.