Travel Like a Local with Bridges and Balloons

Bridges and Balloons is the kind of travel partner you’d want on your side. Run by Victoria and her husband Steve, the online brand offers handpicked, unique itineraries, filled with beautifully designed places to stay and ways to experience life like a local.

Based in Bristol, Victoria has been traveling regularly, sometimes full time, for the past 17 years. Having started out as a journalist, she works as a freelance editor and writer and dreams of having her own guesthouse.

“I’m that friend you always ask for travel tips, who you can rely on to have done all the research and sought out the places that make a trip unique,” she writes on her website. “I’m a 100% travel geek—and a certified cake and book fiend.”

Favoring a local style of travel, her brand isn’t dedicated to the “must-sees”, but rather offers a way of travel that aims at soaking up the atmosphere and experiencing local life.

“We favor independents over chains, and while we’re vegetarian, we tend to eat in restaurants that are known to be good for all food rather than just veggie stuff,” reads the Bridges and Balloons website. “We love places that have a story behind them, and we prioritize the experience over the price, featuring both budget and luxury styles.”

They also have a dedicated section on their site to family travel, with some of their favorite family trips including a one-month California road trip, a Southern USA road trip, and their first trip to Barcelona with a baby.

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