Top 7 Tricks to Make Your Nail Polish Last Longer

Photo by Julia Komarova on Unsplash

We all hate it when the perfect new nail polish starts tearing after only a few hours and the look gets ruined. Chipped polish doesn’t look good on anybody, but how do you even make it last longer? Here are the top 7 tips we have for you.

  • Many women love their long nails, but having them short is one of the best tricks in making the polish stay perfect longer. Decide on your priorities.

  • While filing your nails, always do it from one side to the other. If you file them with back and forth moves they will damage easier and polish won’t last as long.
  • To prevent your hands and nails from drying out, don’t wash them with water that’s too warm.

  • Before applying nail polish, don’t get your hands wet. Water gets into the nails and makes the polish slide off easier.
  • Also, you can put some vinegar on the cotton pad and swipe your nails before applying polish so they are completely clean and ready.
  • Use the base coat and be especially careful on the tips of your nails.
  • Never apply the polish in one thick layer. Make it as thin as possible and re-apply the second coat after the first one is completely dry.