Top 5 Yoga Accounts You Should Follow on Instagram

Photo by Marion Michele on Unsplash

Yoga may be an ancient Indian practice, but the 21st century—and Instagram in particular—are turning it into a whole new thing of its own. Whereas the physical act of yoga, or asana, is only one of the traditional eight limbs of yoga, many onlookers pretty much believe that yoga is all about supreme flexibility or insane how-the-heck-did-you-do-that kinds of poses.

Though there’s much more to yoga than the physical act itself, some such poses truly are impressive in and of themselves. Hardcore yogis tend to have great Instagram accounts since many of them travel the world, explore the great outdoors, and offer keen bits of insight that many modern people wouldn’t have the time or patience to maintain.

Without further ado, here are 5 yoga Instagram accounts you should follow for inspiration for both poses as well as pockets of wisdom for a healthier, happier lifestyle: