This New Work Shoe has a Waiting List of 28,000 People

Image via everlane/Instagram

Everlane has released work shoes that are so popular that 28,000 people are on the waiting list to get them.

Everlane is a firm based in San Francisco and is popular among big Hollywood stars including Angeline Jolie and Megan Markle. The firm spotted a gap in the market for sensible work heels that provide you with comfort, but not at the expense of style.

The new shoes are named ‘Day Heel’ and have a price tag of $207. Since launching, they have expanded the range to include 16 colors. They are 100% Italian leather or suede and provide a suitable two-inch heel that’s flattering but won’t slow you down on your morning commute.

The description in the website reads: “A heel you can walk in. All. Damn. Day. This ballet-inspired silhouette is designed with a rounded toe, a walkable 2-inch block heel, and an elasticized back for extra comfort.”

Everlane is currently offering free shipping on orders over $100 although if you want to buy this heel, you might have to join the queue.