Temporary Tattoos For When You’re Unsure

Tattoos are a big commitment and a lifelong one too. Making the leap can be tough, that’s why it’s a great concept that temporary tattoos are available. We’ve gathered some of the most realistic tattoos to help you decide on your next piece.

Sasha’s Temporary Tattoos

Sasha is a world-famous tattoo artist hailing from Russia. She does both permanent tattoos and temporary tattoos that focus on greyscale design with an emphasis on shadowing and highlights.

Her intricate pieces are enchanting, dreamy, and even empowering. Her attention to detail is on a whole different level and her temporary ink looks almost like the real deal.

Karla’s Floral Designs

Karla is based in Ontario, Canada and solely curates temporary ink. The designs she makes are dainty floral pieces and leaves. She draws her inspiration from nature and transcribes it onto paper before plastering it onto the skin.

If you’re looking for a delicate floral tattoo in the future, you can test out some of her designs before attempting a permanent one.

Henna Tattoos

We had to do a double-take on this picture because we didn’t believe that it was actually henna. Henna tattoos last for an average of 1-3 weeks and are a good alternative to see which ink suits your style the best.