Sun Sticks: An Essential Summer Staple

The sun is a huge detriment to our skin, giving us wrinkles, fine lines, and sometimes a really bad sunburn. It’s important to wear sunscreen even when it’s cloudy outside since UV rays can still seep through cloudy skies. To prevent your skin from being affected by the sun, keep a sun stick with you in your bag all the time. It’s the best way to show the sun who’s boss.

The difference with a sun stick and a typical face sunscreen is that it doesn’t leave any white sticky residue – it looks clear upon application, so it doesn’t look like you’re wearing sunscreen. Invisible sun face cream? Yes, please!

Infused With Natural Ingredients

A lot of sun sticks are infused with Vitamin E, which helps give your skin the suppleness it deserves. This particular one is infused with calendula that will leave your face smelling like flowers.

Good For Sensitive Skin

The best thing about sun sticks is that they’re calming for your skin and you won’t feel your skin scraping against the side of the sun stick. They’re also great for sensitive skin so you won’t get any unnecessary acne afterward!