Not Just Coffee: Morning Drinks From Around the Globe

Photo by Phil Hei on Unsplash

While you were in your morning haze drinking your coffee, you’ve probably wondered at one point or another if everyone around the world drinks the same thing as you. While most of the world does consume coffee first thing in the morning, there are so many other unique drinks that people have to start their day. Here is a short list of drinks to make you think this morning.

Naranjilla Juice

Naranjilla is Spanish for bitter or sour orange. This citrus is extremely bitter and is made into juice in many parts of Central and South America. People do sweeten it because of its bitter taste, but it is also delicious, complex, and very healthy.

Yak Butter Tea

Although there has been a small craze in the last few years about putting butter in coffee, people living in the region of the Himalayas have been putting butter in their tea for hundreds of years. Yaks have been commonly available, making them the perfect way to make fermented tea creamier.

Agua Dolce

Another drink reigning from the Central American country of Costa Rica, this drink literally means sweet water. People make it by scraping sugar cane into a cup of boiling water or milk to start their day.