Melt Cosmetics to Launch Makeup Collection Inspired by “Beetlejuice”

Halloween may be behind us, but Melt Cosmetics is not done celebrating just yet. Our favorite source of spooky makeup is currently preparing for the launch of the ש line of products inspired by Tim Burton’s classic movie Beetlejuice.

Melt Cosmetics started teasing their new collection on Instagram, but they still haven’t shared its release date. At this point in time, we only know that the collection is “coming soon”, but they shared some product details in a series of Instagram posts.

Judging by their Instagram page, Melt’s new line will feature two eyeshadow palettes—“Recently Deceased” with eight different shades, inspired by Beetlejuice himself, and “The Waiting Room” with 10 tones, ranging from bright crimsons to ashy grey tones.

Melt Cosmetics also teased a wide range of other products, including mascaras, gel eyeliners in bright shades, and several lip products, including lipsticks and lip glosses.

The brand’s followers are getting impatient and they can’t wait to get their hands on this collection once the release date becomes official. Once the time comes, Melt’s Beetlejuice collection will be available on their official website, in addition to Beauty Bay and Sephora.