Korean Artist Creates Colorful Paper Sculptures of Everyday Objects

Even though we live in a digital world and we rarely ever get to use paper on a daily basis anymore, that doesn’t mean that our love for this amazing material has diminished. There are still many artists who are creating amazing art using the incredible versatility of paper.

Lee Ji-Hee, for example, is a Korean artist who specializes in folding paper and creating unbelievably intricate paper sculptures that are shaped like fruits, vintage cameras, slices of pizza and many other everyday objects.

Ji-Hee caught public attention in 2017 when she created an entire series of vintage cameras using colorful and bright paper. “As anyone can take a picture with their mobile phone in this era, they feel the nostalgia for the film camera,” said Ji-Hee.

“The texture and the color is different depending on the paper. When I look at a piece of paper, I think of some object I’m planning to make,” explained the artist.

Many of her intricate designs will probably leave you hungry, but they’ll also inspire you to explore this interesting world of paper art and maybe try and make something yourself one day.

Take a look at Ji-Hee’s Instagram page and her incredible work.