HipDot Presents Makeup Collection Inspired by Your Favorite Childhood Cartoon

Fans of makeup collections inspired by animated classics had a lot to look forward to thanks to the countless Disney lines that have come out in the last few months, but we’ve finally got some good news for Nickelodeon enthusiast.

HipDot made their dreams come true by launching a SpongeBob SquarePants makeup range.

The Los Angeles-based cosmetics brand is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the show’s premiere with this colorful makeup line. The entire range dropped online on July 17th, and it will win you over with bright shades and offbeat packaging, inspired by our favorite SpongeBob characters.


The limited-edition collection features eyeshadow palette with 15 shades named after SpongeBob references, Sandy Cheeks blush bronzer and Jellyfish lip gloss trio are among the bunch, so you could channel your inner SpongeBob and Patrick with your BFF.

If you’re in love with all of the products, you can buy the entire bundle or opt for an adorable limited edition collectors box, dedicated to the biggest fans of the iconic Nickelodeon show.