Get Your Portrait Done by a Traditional Painter

Getting our portraits done professionally has been on our bucket lists for some time now, and though we’re no kings and queens, a classical painting would look great above our imagined mantelpiece.

Enter Daniel J. Yeomans. An acclaimed contemporary artist with traditional training at the Internationally renowned Charles H. Cecil studios in Florence, Yeomans understands what makes and breaks a painting.

“Working from life enables spontaneous brushwork,” he explained in an interview with Jackson’s Art. “Each brushstroke, the color, the direction, the thickness of the paint is all a response to something happening in front of me. If all this becomes still (in a photo) I lose all these variable qualities in my work that make it my own.”

His technique is borrowed from renaissance artists, with little to no change, so that his work has this timeless quality to it. According to Yeomans, his commissioned paintings make for the ideal gift, and one that is cherished for generations to come.

We’re not sure we’re that important, but we’re willing to take the gamble!