DIY Dalia Will Rock Your World with Her Boho DIY Tutorials

If you love home décor with a boho feel, it’s time to try making it on your own. YouTube is overflowing with boho-inspired DIY tutorials, and many of them were shared by DIY Dalia. Check out some of the very best DIY clips with a boho vibe that we found on her channel.

DIY Anthropologie Décor

Anthropologie seems to be one of Dalia’s favorite home décor stores and she constantly uses it as a source of inspiration. This one shows her making several home décor pieces with a boho feel, including abstract wall art, faux wool coasters, and a decorative globe.

Wall Art and Floral DIY Boho Décor

Dried flowers and boho décor go hand in hand, and Dalia couldn’t resist this combo in one of her popular boho tutorials. In addition to teaching you how to perfectly arrange your dried flowers, she’ll also show you how to make boho-inspired wall art in this tutorial.

Spring-Inspired DIY Boho Décor

Spring is just around the corner, and if you’re in the mood to welcome it with some fun DIY projects, Dalia’s got you covered. This boho tutorial is inspired by spring, and it’s all about welcoming some floral motifs into your home.