Cute Valentine’s Day Cookie Ideas

This year we bring you some of the prettiest Valentine’s Day cookie ideas to try at home. There is no need to order these cookies when you can make them yourself and save some money.

Spread Love

Heart-shaped cookies will be an absolute hit for Valentine’s Day no matter how you decorate them. Pick different colors and different ways to spread the love.


Another Valentine’s Day cookie idea is to try and make macarons. These French delicious treats are so tasty and look so pretty.

Next Level Art

Yes, you kind of have to be a professional to recreate this art, but it will be worth it. Everyone will love how the cookies look and will want to know the secret.

Shapes and Forms

Doing different shapes of cookies is always a great idea. You can try them all and decorate each one in a different way. This idea will really help you show off your creativity.

Cute Simplicity

If you are not a pro at cookies but still want to surprise your loved one, these cute designs will do the job. Pick soft colors such as pink, purple, and decorate them with different toppings.