Cools Spots To Get Tattoos That Can Easily Be Hidden

Even though we live in times when tattoos have become more socially acceptable, some of you are probably thinking about getting a secret tattoo that won’t be on display for other people to see. There are many great hidden places to ink, and these are our favorites.


If you have long hair, this is a perfect place to hide your tattoo. Kat Von D and Cara Delevingne inked their ears as well, and it looks so good!

Inner lip

Ever since Miley Cyrus debuted her bottom lip tattoo, inking this super secret place became a huge trend. It’s a painful spot to ink and these tattoos are likely to fade over time, but we guess it’s worth the effort.

Rib Cage

This is also one the most painful places to get a tattoo, but it looks so good and attractive that we personally wouldn’t care.

Under Your Armpit

This may be the perfect spot for your secret tattoo – it’s relatively easy to hide as long as you stay clear of swimsuits.

The Bottom of Your Foot

This is the safest place to ink if you don’t want anybody else to see your tattoo. Unless you go barefoot in front of people, your secret is safe.