Cardi B is an Official Partner of Reebok

Cardi B. Photo by Swan Gallet/WWD/REX/Shutterstock (9375970e)

Cardi B is officially partnering with Reebok.

The popular rap artist will be the face of the Reebok Aztrek sneaker. The shoe retails for $100 and definitely fits in with the growing “dad shoe” trend. Cardi B is also an ambassador for the brand on Instagram and has been endorsing some of Reebok’s apparel.

“For us, she really is emblematic of what our brand has done well over the years and that is to be bold, provocative and uninhibited,” said Reebok president, Matthew O’Toole. “If we look at some of the things we’ve done with Allen Iverson or being the first to sign musicians, or more recently with Kerby [Jean-Raymond] of Pyer Moss, when we are at our best we are with people who are comfortable living out loud and Cardi fits that.”

Reebok has previously partnered with hip-hop sensations Jay-Z, Pharrell, and Future on their own footwear lines. They have also worked closely with Missy Elliott and Queen Latifah.

O’Toole is keeping Reebok’s plans with Cardi B quiet but we can expect more exciting news soon.