The Best Trick for Cleaning the Microwave

Photo by Mike Marquez on Unsplash

We use this appliance on a daily basis, but most of us don’t clean it as often as we should. After defrosting or heating the meals, the residue stays in the microwave and increases over time. And when you finally get to cleaning it, you’ll find it difficult to remove all the dirt and grease that’s accumulated on the inside.

Luckily, we have one simple trick that will make cleaning the microwave a breeze.

Before beginning, make sure you unplug it from the socket and remove the glass plate. The plate can be washed together with your other dishes. Put the clean plate back into the oven and plug it back in. Fill a microwave-safe bowl with water and add four lemon halves (two lemons). Turn on the oven and let the water boil for around two minutes.

After it’s done, you’ll find that all the grease from your microwave is gone! Now you just need to wipe it with a damp sponge and some baking soda. Finish by wiping the inside with a dry cloth and you’re good to go!