Beauty and Hair Trends from Ariana Grande That Defined 2020

Ariana Grande has always been on point when it comes to both setting and following the latest trends in the hair and beauty world, and her style was as flawless as ever in 2020.

High Pigtails

After years of rocking her signature high ponytail, Grande decided to switch things up a little bit this year and started rocking adorable pigtails for a while.

White Eyeliner

White eyeliner experienced a huge boom this summer, and the Grammy-winning singer put it on the map in the music video for her Lady Gaga collaboration “Rain on Me”.

Side Bangs

Side bangs were one of the retro hair trends from the 90s that made a major comeback this year, and Grande simply couldn’t resist their charm and often paired them off with a high ponytail.

Thick Headbands

Speaking of retro trends that were ruling the world this year, thick headbands were popping up everywhere all of the sudden—especially in black and white.

Mask Matching

As mask-wearing became the new normal, people started experimenting with their eye makeup more than ever, and often tried to match it to the color of their face covering.