A Guide to Channeling Billie Eilish’s Edgy Look

Not too long ago, Billie Eilish appeared on the cover of Vogue. The talented pop star is best known for her award-winning debut album, but her unique sense of style has also lifted the lids of many style connoisseurs. Here is a guide to channeling her distinctive look.

Black Hair, Neon Roots

Billie Eilish went through a brief phrase of constantly changing up her hair. Now, she has settled with black hair and neon green roots and it showcases her personality perfectly. If you want to channel your inner Eilish, find a hairstyle that makes a statement about who you are.


Matching Nails To Hair

Billie Eilish often wears neon green nails that match the shade of her hair. It’s a look.

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Urban Prints

Eilish is young and edgy and her fashion choices showcase this. Street art and urban prints are popular choices in Eilish’s wardrobe.

Baggy Clothing

Eilish ignores all advice from people who say she should “show off her figure more” or worse, “dress normal”. She chooses comfortable clothing and more often than not is seen wearing baggy tracksuits and t-shirts.

Sci-Fi Sun Glasses

Finally, Eilish loves a pair of sunglasses that make a statement. Her go-to glasses are neon green and her only rule seems to be ‘the whackier, the better.’

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