7 Easy Steps To Shucking Corns

Photo by Roderico Y. Díaz on Unsplash

Shucking corn can sometimes be a boring task if you don’t know the right methods. Some people gently peel back one layer of husk at a time and it’s a really impractical way to shuck corn.

We would like to give you one proved method in order to relieve you from doubts about how to shuck corn in a right way.

Start with fresh ears

First, you should look for ears of corn with firm, fresh husks that are tightly attached to the corn and shuck them first.


Check the kernels

If possible, you should see if the kernels look bright, smooth and plump.

Separate the husks at the top

You need to go to the top of the ear, and then you need to separate the silk in half and

Pull husks down

In order to reveal the cob, pull the hunk of husks all the way down. Starting back at the top where the silk tassels are, pull down another section of husks.

Rip off husks

Once all the husks are pulled back to reveal the ear of corn kernels underneath, just rip off the husks from the cob.

Remove any silk

There may be some strands of silk on the kernels and you don’t want to eat them so just remove them.

Now you are ready to use your shucked corn

After you followed these steps, the only remaining step is to use the corn in whichever way you want.