5 Makeup Trends You Should Embrace Just in Time for Spring

Photo by Jamie on Unsplash

Each season brings new makeup trends along – both brand-new and timeless classics that are never going out of style. This spring is no different, and here are a few beauty trends that you’ll be seeing everywhere.


Don’t feel like wearing too much makeup this spring? No problem! Skinimalism is one of the biggest beauty trends of the year, and it’s all about finding the perfect harmony between makeup and skincare to give yourself a natural glow-up

Under Eye Makeup

Putting eyeshadow above our eyes and calling it a day is so passé, and we’ll take a different approach to our eye makeup this spring. Amazing under-eye looks are all the rage right now, and they’ll take your makeup game to the next level.

Red Lips

Red lipstick is one of those makeup trends that are never going out of style, but we’ll finally take a break from nude shades to fully embrace it this spring.

Floating Eyeliner

Floating eyeliner has been making waves in the beauty world for quite some time, and if you think we’re going to say goodbye to this cosmetics craze in 2021—think again.

Blue Eyeshadow

Blue eyeshadow is another makeup trend we haven’t fully left in 2020, and it is still going strong together with other colorful eyeshadow shades.