A Workshop Must: The DIY Parallel Camp Rack Project

Clamps can be a pain to store, and if you need one of a particular size, you usually need them NOW and can’t afford to go rummaging around trying to find one. To save some space and some sanity, consider building yourself one of these simple-but-effective space-saving clamp racks which hold 24 parallel clamps and 14 bar clamps.

Take a 48″x48″ square of 3/4′ plywood and cut it into four strips measuring 14″, 12-3/4″, 12″ and 8″ wide and all 4′ long.

Then, take the two largest pieces and cut them to size at 38-3/4″, setting them to one side to be used later.

Next, grab the 12″ and cut a 21″ long piece from it. Mark a point 14″ down a long side and 6-3/4″ down the opposite edge, connecting those marks with a straight line and cutting them with a circular saw.

One piece will be slightly longer than the other, so trim the longer piece to 14″ long so both match.

Interior support arms are now cut from the remaining 27″ long 12″ wide strip. Cut (3) 5-1/2″ pieces and (2) 3″ pieces from the 12″ piece. The off-cut from the 12-3/4″ top piece is used to cut (1) 4-1/4″ and (1) 1-1/2″ side support and (2) 1″ cleats, all 12″ long.

Cut (3) 10-1/2″ long pieces from the 8″ piece and layout a mark 10″ down the long side of each piece. Draw a line from your mark to the opposite corner. Cut with the saw, and as before, trim the longer part so you get five triangles with 8″ and 10″ straight edges.

Take a 1″ cleat you cut earlier and glue and screw into the underside of the 1-1/2″ support arm, on the left, to make the support bracket. Do the same thing for the 41/2″ arm, but fix the cleat to the right.

Drill 2 holes each on the 8″ side of the triangles and in in the top surface of the supports then fix them together with screws and glue with the 10″ side of the triangle carefully centered on the support arms. When these are screwed and glued, you can round off the edges of the front corners to make taking the clamps out and replacing them smoother.

Using 1-5/8″ screws, fix the sides to the back and check to make sure the assembly is square.

Now, take the support arms and cleats and affix them to each side using 1-1/4″ screws, making sure to make the tops of the supports 5″ down from the top of the sides. When this is complete, affix the top piece you cut at the beginning to the rack and flip the entire frame onto its back.

Use a straight scrap of wood to ensure the supports are an equal distance from the top of the rack, affix the 3″ interior supports with a gap of 1-1/2″ between them. When complete, affix the 5-1/2″ inside supports at the same space intervals. If you have different size clamps, adjust the space accordingly.

Once the wood glue is dry, you can hang your storage rack on the wall and enjoy knowing the right clamp is at your fingertips.