Tsunami House by Designs Northwest Architects

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Tsunami House is located on Camano Island in Washington state in the United States. It is projected by Designs Northwest Architects. This modern house rises above sea and it is designed so it can withstand heavy blows of waves in event of a storm. On it has large windows that allow to enjoy in beautiful nature.This two-storey house (with a loft) is located on at the top of the dam a meter tall.Tsunami House by Designs Northwest ArchitectssourceTsunami House by Designs Northwest Architects -mydailymagazinesourceTsunami House by Designs Northwest Architects -mydailymagazine 1sourcetsunami-house-designs-northwest-architects-source

Levee is designed to receive impacts from waves. The first floor, called “flood room” is a multifunctional space with walls that could collapse if the waves are very large, but the upper floors will remain undamaged.
The main living area is located on the second floor, on which can climb with metal stairs. This house has a bathroom, kitchen, dining room, and bedroom. The other bedroom is located on the balcony. In the interior was used concrete and glass.mydailymagazine architecturesourceWaterfront House Design -Strong Tsunami Waves And Heavy Weathesourcetsunami-house-designs-northwest-architects-mydailymagazine 4sourcetsunami-house-designs-northwest-architects-mydailymagazine 2source
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